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Mar 11, 2014

Mark Sanford Shut Down the Appalachian Trail

Congressman Mark Sanford has a knack for jaw-dropping statements. His latest one – that the government shutdown didn’t really shut down the government – is capped off by the fact that one Congressman Sanford’s favorite places in the world was severely impacted by the shutdown.

“Congressman Mark Sanford should know better than anyone about the devastating impact the reckless Republican shutdown had on the country, since even Sanford’s favorite vacation spot, the Appalachian Trail, took a hit during the shutdown,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Sanford lost touch with reality long ago, but millions of Americans, including potential hikers on the Appalachian Trail, certainly haven’t forgotten the negative impact of Sanford’s reckless government shutdown.”


Congressman Sanford’s Government Shutdown Shuttered the Appalachian Trail During “One of the Busiest Hiking Weekends of the Year.” “The Appalachian Trail (A.T.) is officially closed across the approximately 700 miles managed by the National Park Service. As the A.T. crosses multiple federal and state jurisdictions, it has caused much confusion for visitors as far as what parts of the Trail and associated facilities are open or closed. This Trail closure comes during one of the busiest hiking weekends of the year, which has and will continue to negatively impact the communities that rely on the economic benefits that the Trail provides.” [, accessed 3/11/14]

  • Headline: Government shutdown limits access and use of Appalachian Trail during one of the busiest hiking weekends of the year [, accessed 3/11/14]