Campaign 2010

Sep 14, 2010

MA-10: Massachusetts Republican Nominate Scandal Plagued Jeff Perry

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Shripal Shah issued the following statement after Massachusetts Republicans nominated scandal-plagued Jeff Perry in the Commonwealth’s 10th congressional district:

“Jeff Perry’s scandal plagued past has shown that he isn’t fit to represent the families of this district and their best interests.   The lies, scandals, and accusations that have come to define Jeff Perry’s career are beyond troubling and prove that Jeff Perry simply can’t be trusted.”


As a Wareham police sergeant in the early 1990’s, Jeff Perry was involved in a scandal revolving around strip searches of teenage girls.  According to the Boston Globe, “In one case, Perry was the supervisor at the scene when the officer stuck his hand in a 14-year-old girl’s underwear, ostensibly searching for drugs. In the other, Perry accompanied the same officer to the house of a 16-year-old girl to tell her parents that she had voluntarily pulled down her pants to show she did not have any drugs.” [Boston Globe, 5/15/10]

Perry was also accused of purposely “tripping” red lights to catch drivers going through it so that he could pass out tickets. The Wareham Police Chief said that Perry used an electronic device to purposely trip red lights and then gave drivers tickets for running the light. [Boston Globe, 8/17/10]

When serving in the Wareham Police Department, Perry was reprimanded for repeatedly lying.  His pattern of telling lies caused him to be passed over for a promotion. [Boston Globe, 8/17/10]

Perry’s was caught falsely claiming that he had received a degree from a diploma mill called Columbia State University. “On his congressional campaign website, Jeffrey Perry makes no mention of a university degree that he listed front and center in his debut run for office in 2002 – the one from Columbia State University. Federal authorities have since said the “university” was nothing more than a “diploma mill” – a place with a post office box instead of a campus and no faculty to speak of.” [Patriot Ledger, 8/12/10]