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Apr 12, 2013

Listen to Two Things Congresswoman Jackie Walorski Won’t Say Tomorrow

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RE:      Listen to Two Things Congresswoman Jackie Walorski Won’t Say Tomorrow

DATE: April 12, 2013

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski’s decision to give the weekly response address Saturday will be a textbook example of a career politician trying to talk about anything but her own record of protecting special interests at the expense of middle class Hoosiers. Here are two things about Congresswoman Walorski’s own record she’ll be running away from tomorrow:

Listen to Congresswoman Walorski Say Social Security Should be Privatized.  When asked about Social Security, Walorski said, “Well I don’t think it’s safe.  It’s obviously going bankrupt just like Medicare is and Medicaid. And I think the one thing we have to do is the thing we have to do.  That Bush actually tried to do a couple years ago, which is privatize Social Security and allow people to invest in their own retirement and get off what is happening on the federal level with Social Security… I think privatizing it, allow people to have control of their own destiny and not be reliant on the federal government.” [Tea Party Talk Indiana Radio Show, 3/18/10]

Listen Here:

Listen to Congresswoman Walorski Say She Supports a National Sales Tax. In 2010, Walorski said that they would support the Fair Tax, which would enact a 23 percent national sales tax on all goods and services sold at retail: Walorski: “I do. I don’t know enough about it to do a dissertation on it, but I know enough about it that I like it… I look at a model very much like Fair Tax is.  You know getting rid of one whole set of taxes and tax base and implementing a service type of user fee.  And it would have worked in Indiana to eliminate property tax and I think it will work on the federal level Fair Tax as well.  So I’m very interested and I definitely the concept.”  [Tea Party Talk Indiana Radio Show, 3/18/10]

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The Fair Tax Would Reduce Taxes for Millionaires, Raise Taxes on Middle Class Hoosiers.  According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the bottom 80 percent of Indiana taxpayers would see a tax increase of $2,955 on average, while the top 5 percent of Indiana taxpayers would see a tax reduction of $39,513 on average. [Americans for Fair Taxation, “The Fair Tax Act of 2007 – HR 25: Plain English Summary,”, accessed 7/30/08] Fair Tax Raises Taxes on Gasoline., an organization that checks the validity of claims made in political advertising and other media, confirmed that the Fair Tax would not only apply to gasoline, but would be placed on top of existing taxes.   [, “Unspinning the Fair Tax,” 5/31/07]

Seniors Who Saved Would Face Double Tax Under Fair Tax System. According to, seniors who had saved their money would face a “double tax” under the Fair Tax system: For many years, seniors paid taxes on their income when they earned it. Whatever they didn't spend, they saved, and in their retirement years, when they aren't earning fresh income that would be tax-free under the Fair Tax, those accumulated savings would be spent -- and thus taxed at 23 percent. Voila -- double taxation.” [, 10/20/10]