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Jun 07, 2006

Lindeen Primary Victory in Montana

DCCC Press

Jun 7, 2006

Lindeen Primary Victory in Montana

To: Interested Parties
FR: DCCC Communications
DA; June 6, 2006
RE: Lindeen Primary Victory in Montana

State legislator Monica Lindeen emerged from today’s primary with an overwhelming show of support from Montana voters who are sick and tired of Denny Rehberg’s brand of special interest leadership. Lindeen emerged tonight with a massive show of unified support from voters across the state. Lindeen is well-positioned to take on Rehberg in a campaign that will be about bringing Montana priorities back to Congress.

“Today, voters across Montana chose Monica Lindeen to fight for them in Congress because after all of the corruption in Washington, it is time for a change,” said Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Monica Lindeen stands for new priorities while Denny Rehberg has been working for more of the same in Washington for years. With the news today that Republicans in Congress want to bring back their risky plan to privatize Social Security, it has never been more important that we change the priorities in Washington. Lindeen will fight to clean up Congress and will fight for change in Washington.”

Democrats Can Win in Montana. In 2004, Brian Schweitzer defeated his Republican opponent 50-46 in the general election to become Governor. Schweitzer enjoys enormous popularity across the state and is one of the most popular governors in the country. Just last week, a Lee Newspapers poll showed Schweitzer’s job approval rating at 69%, the highest of any Montana elected official voters were asked about.

Republicans Dragged Down by Burns on Ticket. Senator Conrad Burns is taking a nose dive at the top of the Republican ticket, hurting Republican candidates across the state and up and down the ballot. Burns’s approval rating in the most recent Lee poll was just 38%, down from 51% just six months earlier. He is currently one of the least popular Senators in the country.

Abramoff Scandal Tainting Montana Republicans. Burns and Rehberg’s involvement in the Jack Abramoff scandal are damaging them with Montana voters who are tired of suffering cost of the culture of corruption in DC through skyrocketing gas prices and a Medicare bill that makes it harder for seniors to afford medicines.

Lindeen Is a Voice for Montana Families. Monica Lindeen is an extremely popular state legislator whose record of fighting for cheaper, more efficient energy solutions for Montana families and better education for Montana children is well-known throughout the state.