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Jun 25, 2008

Knollenberg, Walberg Repay Bush and Big Oil by Blocking Bill to Prevent Gas Price Gouging

Bush Loyalists Knollenberg, Walberg Serve as Hosts for Wednesday's Bush Fundraiser

On the eve of today's Michigan fundraising visit from President Bush, Representatives Joe Knollenberg and Tim Walberg repaid Bush and Big Oil again by blocking legislation that protects Michigan's consumers at the pump. Bush loyalists Knollenberg and Walberg are both serving as hosts for today's Bush fundraiser.

As gas prices and energy costs skyrocket this summer, the Federal Price Gouging Protection Act sponsored by Michigan Representative Bart Stupak would have provided consumers with immediate protection against price gouging by oil companies.  

"Representatives Knollenberg and Walberg are so out of touch that they chose to repay President Bush and Big Oil for the tens of thousands they received in campaign contributions by blocking commonsense legislation that protects Michigan's consumers from gas price gouging," said Ryan Rudominer, Midwest Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "With gas prices at $4.07, Michigan families cannot afford two more years of Representatives Knollenberg and Walberg's support for President Bush's failed energy policies that protect Big Oil special interests."


  • The measure establishes civil and criminal penalties when retailers engage in price gouging, and permits states to bring lawsuits against those retailers.
  • The Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act would provide consumers with immediate protection against price gouging. It allows the President to declare a state of "energy emergency" and prohibits price gouging in areas where an emergency has been declared.
  • The Federal Price Gouging Protection Act, sponsored by Representative Bart Stupak, was brought up on the Suspension Calendar, which requires a 2/3 majority to pass a bill. 145 Republicans opposed this measure, causing it to fail to achieve this necessary 2/3 majority. [H.R. 6346; roll call vote # 448]
  • Representatives Joe Knolleberg and Tim Walberg receive strong financial support from Big Oil. Representative Knollenberg has received $65,250 from Big Oil contributors. Representative Walberg has received $17,750 from Big Oil contributors. []
  • Today, drivers in Michigan are paying $4.07 for a gallon of gas. [Fuel Gauge Report]