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Jul 11, 2013

Kiss This: Rep. Paul Ryan Rejects Funds to Fight Asian Carp in Great Lakes





Congressman Paul Ryan yet again put partisan Washington politics ahead of his district this week when he voted against assistance fighting Asian Carp in the Great Lakes.

“Congressman Paul Ryan has put partisan politics ahead of what’s best for Wisconsin once again,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Ryan kissed off the Great Lakes in favor of his Washington leaders and it is the residents of the Great Lakes who stand to suffer.” 


Ryan Voted Against $3.65 Million for Increased Funding to Fight Invasive Species. On July 10 2013, Ryan voted against increased funding for the Corps of Engineers Investigations and Construction by a total of $3.65 million, intended to fight invasive species.  Congressman Schneider said the motion was to ensure the “Great Lakes and the Mississippi River are protected from the continued threat of invasive species, including and particularly taking practical steps to address the threat of Asian carp to our fishing, tourism, and navigation on our Nation's inland waterways.” [HR 2609, Vote #344, 7/10/13; CQ Floor Votes, 7/10/13]