Campaign 2010

Oct 26, 2010

Keown Caught Lying on Resume, Hiding Truth About Past

This evening, WCTV news broke the story that Republican Congressional Candidate Mike Keown (GA-02) lied on his resume and continues to lie on his website about his tenure as Mayor of Coolidge, Georgia. Keown has maintained that he served as Mayor of Coolidge for 4 years but that turns out not to be true.

“Voters are quickly learning that they can’t count on Mike Keown to tell the truth,” said Jesse Ferguson, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Keown can’t be trusted to stand up for middle class families, to create Georgia jobs or even to protect Social Security. Now we know he can’t even be trusted to tell the truth about himself. Georgia families are forced to wonder what else Mike Keown is hiding?”

Keown is a supporter of privatizing Social Security and has endorsed a radical plan to impose a 23% national sales tax on everything we buy.  


From WCTV: “On Keown's official website, he lists his qualifications, including having spent 4 years as mayor of Coolidge from 1986 to 1990. But residents are concerned about this claim; they say newspaper evidence shows Keown only served as mayor for two years.” [WCTV, 10/26/10]