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Jul 18, 2008

KELLER FLIP-FLOP #5: Ric Keller Was Against Raising Taxes, Before He Was For It

In the spirit of flip-flop season the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will release one Ric Keller (FL-08) Flip-Flop every day this week.  In November, Ric Keller will have to answer for his flip flopping record to Central Florida's voters


When he was running for Congress in 2000, Representative Ric Keller (FL-08) said his priority would be to lower taxes and early last year Keller promised to "lead the opposition to any or all tax increases."  Yet, in November Keller opposed relief from the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), raising taxes on 41,129 middle class taxpayers in Florida's 8th District who are affected by the AMT.


"Representatives Ric Keller went back on his tax pledge, and voted to raise taxes on 41,129 hard working middle class families in his district already squeezed by skyrocketing gas prices, expensive mortgages, and rising grocery bills," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "As we have shown this week, Ric Keller has gone back on his word on everything from the bringing our troops home from Iraq to protecting Florida's coasts.  The people of Florida's 8th District deserve a Representative who they can trust to stand by his promises, no matter what."


FLIP -  Keller Promises to Lower Taxes in 2000, Reiterates Opposition to Raising Taxes Last Year


  • In a debate, Keller said his priority in Congress would be lowering taxes [WFTV-TV, 2/11/2000]


  • The Orlando Sentinel noted Keller's emphasis on cutting taxes in his 2000 campaign: "Keller has made cutting taxes a cornerstone of his campaign." [Orlando Sentinel, 10/25/2000]


  • In May of 2007, Keller pledged "I'm going to continue to lead the opposition to any or all tax increases." [Roll Call, 05/08/2007]


FLOP - Keller Raises Taxes on 41,269 People in His District


  • Keller voted against the Temporary Tax Relief Act (H.R. 3996), which would cut taxes for 23 million middle-class Americans by providing them relief from the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). [H R 3996, #1081, 11/9/07].


  • According to Citizens for Tax Justice, an estimated 41,129 taxpayers in Florida's 8th District would be hit by the Alternative Minimum Tax in 2007.


  • Additionally, the Temporary Tax Relief Act would have expanded the Child Tax Credit to provide tax relief to 12 million families with children