Campaign 2010

Jul 17, 2008

KELLER FLIP-FLOP #4: Ric Keller Flip-Flop-Flips on Social Security Privatization

In the spirit of flip-flop season the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will release one Ric Keller (FL-08) Flip-Flop every day this week.  In November, Ric Keller will have to answer for his flip flopping record to Central Florida's voters


Floridians, including more than 117,400 people in Florida's 8th District, have worked hard their whole lives to earn their guaranteed Social Security benefits. But Representative Ric Keller can not be trusted to protect and strengthen Social Security because he continues to waffle on his support for risky privatization schemes.  


"Representative Ric Keller will be collecting Social Security before he finishes flip-flopping on this issue - unless voters give Keller an early retirement," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "The last thing Florida's seniors need in this struggling economy is the Bush-McCain-Keller risky and irresponsible plan to turn Social Security from a guaranteed benefit into a gamble."


FLIP - Keller Urges Privatization in Letter to Bush Administration


  • In May 2001, Ric Keller co-signed a letter to the President's Commission to Strengthen Social Security urging that Social Security be privatized. The letter read, "Social Security reform must offer younger workers the opportunity to improve their rates of return using personal retirement accounts." [Representative Jim DeMint Letter to The Social Security Reform Commission, 5/24/01]

FLOP - Keller Claims He Opposes the Social Security Privatization

  • In a 2002 letter to his constituents, Keller promised he would oppose any privatization of the Social Security system. Keller argued that there had been "misinformation about efforts to privatize Social Security."


  • "While some reforms may be needed to protect the financial solvency of Social Security, I am opposed to privatization," Keller wrote. "I will vote against any proposal that privatizes, dismantles or otherwise jeopardizes the Social Security Administration or the Social Security Trust Fund." [Keller letter to constituents, Legislative Resource Center record 37970-8, 6/11/02]


FLIP - Keller Supports Creation of Private Accounts for Social Security.

  • In March 2005, Keller was on record as supporting the creation of private accounts for Social Security, though it was unclear where he stood on the question of the program's long-term solvency. [Orlando Sentinel, 3/18/05]