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Jul 16, 2008

KELLER FLIP-FLOP #3: Ric Keller Was Against Coastal Drilling, Before He Was For It

In the spirit of flip-flop season the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will release one Ric Keller Flip-Flop every day this week.  In November, Ric Keller will have to answer for his flip flopping record to Central Florida's voters


Until 2006, Representative Ric Keller joined Florida Republicans and Democrats in resisting President Bush's plans to allow drilling off Florida's coasts.  Now, Keller has given way to Big Oil companies desire to drill, even though it will do nothing to lower gas prices today.


"Representatives Ric Keller wants to give oil companies a blank check to drill off Florida's coasts, even though it will do nothing to help middle class Floridians who are being squeezed at the pump right now," said  Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "The people of Central Florida deserve a leader who will stand up for them, not Big Oil.  Will Ric Keller flip his position again, or will he continue to let Big Oil make his decisions for him?"


FLIP -  Keller Promised to fight with everything he had against drilling off Florida's coast


  • In May 2001, Keller said "I will fight that with everything I have." Florida legislators, as well as Governor Jeb Bush, opposed the plan largely due to tourism interests. [Orlando Sentinel, 5/04/01]



FLOP - Keller Supports Expand Drilling Off Florida's Coasts


  • Keller said last month that he supported drilling off of Florida's coasts, stating "the circumstances have changed. The threat to Orlando's tourism-based economy is very real in light of the skyrocketing gas prices" [Orlando Sentinel, 6/19/08]


  • Last Month, Representatives Keller voted to expand oil and gas drilling leases in OCS and ANWR. [Roll Call 321]



  • Ric Keller has received $59,325 from oil and gas companies [; accessed 7/16/08]