Campaign 2010

Jun 08, 2010

Keith Fimian’s Extreme Agenda—Bad for Northern Virginia Families

Virginia Democrats highlighted failed 2008 Republican nominee Keith Fimian’s right-wing agenda after he won the nomination to again challenge Representative Gerry Connolly for Congress. In his campaigns for Congress, Fimian has staked out extremist positions out of step with Northern Virginia families and, in the past, he’s been affiliated with extremist organizations advancing a radical social agenda.

"Keith Fimian has spent the last 6 months cozying up to the extremists in his own party and pledging to do what they want if he got to Congress, even if it’s far out of step with Northern Virginia families," said Jesse Ferguson, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Fimian’s embrace of the far right puts him out of touch with middle class voters in Fairfax and Prince William that want a Congressman who stands up for them. Keith Fimian puts quality of life issues in Northern Virginia a distant second to his extremist agenda."


Fimian has courted the support of Tea Party activists and called for the full repeal of health insurance reform. [The Hotline, 5/18/10]

Fimian is unlike former Representative Tom Davis and is completely pro-life, opposed to stem cell research, and holds other radical views on social issues. He has past extremist affiliations which put him far outside the mainstream. [Washington Post, 9/10/08]

He supports a constitutional amendment that would allow states to outlaw abortion rights.  [Family Alliance Questionnaire]

Fimian recently refused to reject a Republican leadership plan to privatize Social Security. [Potomac News, 5/20/10]