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Jun 13, 2008

Keith Fimian Touts His CPA Credentials, But Fails to Pay His Own Taxes

In The Hill newspaper this week Republican Keith Fimian, a candidate for Congress in Virginia's 11th District, touted his business credentials, stating "Because I'm a CPA [certified public accountant], I understand numbers."


Yet in 2005, the IRS filed a tax lien against Fimian's company for $16,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest.


"Instead of touting his understanding of numbers, Keith Fimian should tell the voters of Northern Virginia why he failed to pay his taxes," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the DCCC.  "By flaunting his CPA credentials, Keith Fimian has made it clear that he understands the law, but thinks he is above it."





  • In 2005, the IRS placed a Federal Tax Lien of $16,000 on Keith Fimian's company, U.S. Inspect, Inc. for either failing to file or filing incorrect tax information reports.  According to the Notice of Federal Tax Lien, the lien was issued for $12,150 for tax year 2001 and $3,850 for tax year 2002. [Notice of Federal Tax Lien, 6/17/05; Certificate of Release of Federal Tax Lien, 8/11/05]