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May 01, 2008

Jon Porterís Record: Tax Breaks for Wealthy Corporations and Tax Hikes for Nevada Families

Congressman Jon Porter’s priorities are out of step with middle class Nevada families. While gas and health care costs have skyrocketed, Porter has voted for billions in taxpayer giveaways to the big oil and health insurance companies that contribute to his campaign. Adding insult to injury, Porter voted for tax breaks for big business after voting for tax hikes on Nevada families struggling to make ends meet. Porter even voted for tax increases after failing to pay his own taxes on time.


“Instead of helping the middle class, Congressman Jon Porter consistently supports tax cuts for special interests,” said Yoni Cohen, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “After repeatedly voting to increase taxes on Nevada families, Porter voted to reduce taxes on oil companies making record profits. Jon Porter is working to help wealthy corporations, not the middle class. The Third Congressional District deserves a Member of Congress who will fight for middle class Nevada families, not ExxonMobil, Halliburton and the HMOs.”


Porter’s record on tax breaks for wealthy corporations:


  • Porter voted against the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act, which would have repealed excessive tax breaks for big oil companies. The bill would also have extended and expanded tax credits to promote renewable energy production from wind, solar, geothermal and other resources as well as for plug-in hybrid cars, and energy efficient homes, buildings, and appliances. (HR 5351, #84, 2/27/2008).
  • Porter voted for an energy bill which included $8 billion in tax breaks for oil, gas and nuclear energy companies. (HR 6, Vote #132, 4/21/2005).
  • Porter voted to create a $12 billion slush fund for private health insurance companies. (HR 1, Vote #669, 11/22/2003).
  • Porter voted to continue awarding taxpayer-funded, no-bid contracts to Halliburton. (HR 4939, Vote #60, 3/16/2006).


Porter’s contributors:


  • Porter has received more than $216,000 from oil and gas companies, including a contribution from ExxonMobil Corporation PAC last fundraising quarter. (, accessed 5/01/08;
  • Porter has received nearly $280,000 from the insurance industry. (, accessed 5/01/08)


Porter’s record on taxes hikes for Nevada families:


  • In Congress, Porter voted six times against reducing taxes through an extension of the child tax credit to more than 6 million families. (HR 1308, Vote #370, 7/16/03), (HR 1308, Vote  #446, 7/25/03), (HR 1308, Vote  #447, 7/25/03), (HR 1308, Vote #449, 7/25/03), (HR 1308, Vote #477, 9/5/03), (HR 1308, Vote #509, 9/23/03).
  • In Boulder City and in the State Senate, Porter repeatedly voted to increase fees and taxes.  During Porter’s tenure as city councilman and mayor, Boulder City’s tax rate increased nearly 80 percent.


o       Porter voted to increase hotel taxes. (Boulder City Council Bill #823, 7/26/83)

o       Porter voted to authorize a surcharge on RVs. (Boulder City Council Bill #818, 7/26/83)

o       Porter voted to allow an increase in the gas tax. (Boulder City Council Bill #839, 7/10/84)

o       Porter voted to impose a surcharge on telephone services. (SB 473, 6/20/95)

o       Porter voted to raise the gas tax. (SB 121, 6/23/95)

o       Porter voted to increase fees and services for copying records. (SB 417, 6/16/97)

o       Porter voted to allow higher taxes for smaller school districts. (AB 198, 7/2/97)

o       Porter voted to increase fees for low-speed vehicles. (SB 450, 4/19/99)


  • Porter failed to pay his own income taxes on time. In 1987, he was threatened with garnishment of wages, tax liens and the seizure of personal property or automobiles if he did not pay his back taxes. According to court filings, the taxes were eventually paid back. (Clark County Clerk)