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Feb 07, 2006

Rep. Nancy Johnson: The Latest GOP Rubber Stamp of the Week

DCCC Press

Feb 7, 2006

Rep. Nancy Johnson: The Latest GOP Rubber Stamp of the Week

New DCCC Web Ad Shows Johnson Blindly Approving Special Interest Budget; Putting George Bush and Campaign Contributors Ahead of Connecticut Families

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Johnson Blindly Approves Special Interest Budget; Puts Bush, DeLay and Campaign Contributors Ahead of Connecticut Families

  • GOP/Special Interest Energy Bill
    • $14.6 billion in giveaways to energy companies while gas prices and home heating bills are higher than ever before.
  • GOP/Special Interest Medicare Bill
    • Seniors are expected to pay more in deductibles and more in premiums, pay for coverage when they are receiving none and some may even lose coverage altogether.
  • GOP/Special Interest Budget
    • Current and future Connecticut students could be affected by the $12.7 billion raid on student aid.
    • Connecticut could face the loss of nearly $64 million in child support enforcement cuts over 10 years.
    • $22 billion in giveaways to HMOs.
    • Some seniors on Medicaid could lose their nursing home care.

Washington, D.C. -- Today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced that Connecticut Congresswoman Nancy Johnson (CT-05) is the newest "GOP Rubber Stamp of the Week." Johnson was named "Rubber Stamp of the Week" for voting for the George Bush/Tom DeLay special interest agenda that puts campaign contributors ahead of Connecticut families. Congresswoman Johnson will be featured for her rubber stamp loyalty for the next seven days on the DCCC's website, available at

Connecticut families are feeling the cost of Nancy Johnson's blind loyalty to the special interests. Congresswoman Johnson voted for the special interests on the energy bill, the Medicare bill and on the budget -- all of which to the detriment of Connecticut families.

"Congresswoman Nancy Johnson's lock-step allegiance to the George Bush/Tom DeLay special interest agenda is hurting Connecticut families every day when they fill up their cars, pay their record home heating bills, try to get their prescriptions filled or send their kids to college," said Bill Burton, communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Because of the choices that Congresswoman Johnson has made -- picking the special interests and her political party over the families she represents time and again -- she has earned the title of Rubber Stamp of the Week. Connecticut families deserve a member of Congress who will stand up for their values and their interests instead of those of George Bush, Tom DeLay and the campaign contributors who sent Nancy Johnson to Washington so many years ago."

Nancy Johnson's Rubber Stamp Record

$22 Billion in HMO Giveaways. After intense lobbying from the health insurance industry, yesterday's budget saves HMOs $22 billion dollars. "House and Senate GOP negotiators, meeting behind closed doors last month to complete a major budget-cutting bill, agreed on a change to Senate-passed Medicare legislation that would save the health insurance industry $22 billion over the next decade, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office." [Vote #4, 2/1/06, Washington Post, 1/24/2006]

Medicaid Changes in Budget Bill Forces Some Seniors To Pay More For Nursing Home Care. The budget bill will make it tougher for seniors who enter nursing homes to get Medicaid to pay the bill. The new requirements would extend the period of time in which transferred assets are still counted in figuring an individual's eligibility - from three to five years before applying for benefits. In addition, anyone with more than $500,000 in home equity could not receive nursing home benefits from Medicaid. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2/2/06]

The Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. America's seniors have Tom DeLay and Nancy Johnson to thank for the new Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that recently went into effect. Early reports indicate that fewer than expected seniors are signing up and that a majority of Americans find the bill confusing and hard to understand. The bill is loaded with giveaways to the pharmaceutical industry and some seniors are expected to pay more in deductibles and premiums, pay for coverage when they are receiving none and lose coverage altogether. [H.R. 1, Vote #669, 11/22/03; Kaiser Family Foundation, 11/2004 report; New York Times, 7/14/2004; Associated Press, 11/26/03, AP, 1/23/06]

$12.7 Billion in Student Aid Cuts. Last year, the Rubber Stamp Republican Congress, led by indicted Republican Tom DeLay, passed the largest raid on federal student aid in American history. By cutting billions from student aid, the Republican Congress made it that much tougher for students to receive higher education. The raid on student aid increased the burden on borrowers while padding the pockets of the lending companies. [S 1932, Vote #670, 12/19/05]

$14 Billion in Energy Company Giveaways. Last summer, under George Bush and Tom DeLay's leadership, the special interest energy bill was passed by the Republican Congress. The bill included a record $14 billion in giveaways to the energy companies, who reported record profits shortly after the bill's passage. One company, ExxonMobil, reported earning $9.92 billion in the third quarter and $10.71 billion in the fourth quarter of last year alone. [H.R. 6, Vote #445, 7/28/05]