Campaign 2010

Sep 10, 2008

John Boehner “Hammers” House Republicans

"Anyone who votes against debating one of my resolutions, that's fine. You just won't have a committee assignment," said Republican Leader John Boehner.  [The Hill, 090/9/08]


Minority Leader John Boehner is channeling his inner Tom DeLay.  After they lost their majority in 2006 in large part because of the Republican Culture of Corruption, Boehner frequently publicly pontificated about how Republicans need to earn back Americans' trust, privately Boehner is using the same heavy handed threats and intimidation that the disgraced, unethical, and indicted former Leader used.   


"Try as he might to change the Republican brand from the Culture of Corruption in Washington, John Boehner just can't seem to get it right," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "John Boehner threatens that Members who don't vote the party line will be kicked off their committees, while he leaves Jerry Lewis and Don Young - who are under criminal investigation - on their committees.  Maybe Boehner hit himself in the head with that hammer a few too many times?"