Campaign 2010

Sep 20, 2010

Joe Heck Back In D.C Collecting Checks From Special Interests

Joe Heck Back In D.C. Collecting Checks From Special Interests Who Agree With Him On Out-Of-Touch Economic Agenda

Joe Heck is back in Washington, D.C., today, collecting special interest checks from those anxious to see a full implementation of the national Republican economic agenda:

  • Go back to the “exact, same” Bush economic agenda that Nevadans are still digging out of;
  • Protect tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas;
  • Privatize Social Security and Medicare and rip the safety net out from underneath Silver State seniors; and
  • Repeal Wall Street reform, stand up for big banks and Wall Street financiers over Nevada families.

“Joe Heck is in Washington, D.C., to collect special interests checks from organizations that are in agreement with him on the extreme, out-of-touch economic agenda set by his party’s standard-bearer candidate, Sharron Angle, and House Republican leaders,” said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Repealing Wall Street reform, decimating the safety net for seniors by privatizing Social Security and Medicare and protecting tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas – that’s an agenda Nevadans just can’t afford.”


  • On NBC’s “Meet The Press” NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions stated “we need to go back to the exact same agenda" of George W. Bush if Republicans win control of Congress [Meet The Press, 7/18/10]
  • The Republican Study Committee, of which NRCC Chair Pete Sessions, Republican Whip Eric Cantor and other Republican leaders are members, supports Social Security Privatization and has been praised by the right-wing for its pro-privatization stance. [Freedom Works Release, 3/1/06; Republican Study Committee, accessed 7/30/10]
  • Before it was even signed into law, Minority Leader Boehner called for repeal of Wall Street Reform. [Washington Times, 7/15/10]
  • Senator Heck has also said, “You don’t need more regulation.” [KVBC, updated 12/24/09]