Campaign 2010

Apr 02, 2010

Jim Renacci and Bob Gibbs Both Running Deceptive Campaign Commercials

Both NRCC Favorites Have More In Common Than Just Fundraisers


In addition to holding joint fundraisers in Eastern Ohio, both Jim Renacci (R-OH-16) and Bob Gibbs (R-OH-18) are running ads meant to deceive voters and cover up their real records.  Jim Renacci, who is running in the five-way Republican primary in the 16th District, claims to be a proven businessman in his campaign commercial, yet was kicked out of the Better Business Bureau for failing to pay employees.  Bob Gibbs, who is running in the eight-way Republican primary in the 18th District, claims to be a proven tax-cutter, yet supported the Taft Tax – the largest ever tax increase in Ohio’s history.


“Jim Renacci and Bob Gibbs are teaming up for more than just fundraisers, both are sharing the same campaign tactic to deceive voters through their misleading commercials,” said Gabby Adler, Midwestern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “These NRCC favorites need to come clean.  Jim Renacci has a history of failed management and Bob Gibbs supports tax increases – Ohio voters deserve to know the truth.”




Jim Renacci, a candidate for the 16th District, and state Sen. Bob Gibbs, R-Lakeville, a candidate in the 18th District, formed a joint fundraising committee called Gibbs/Renacci for Congress. [Wooster Daily Record, 4/2/10]


Bob Gibbs is running a campaign commercial in the 18th District claiming he is a “proven tax-cutter.” [, accessed 3/24/10]


In 2003, Gibbs voted for the largest tax increase in Ohio history.  Specifically, Gibbs voted for the conference report of the biennial budget that increased the state sales tax from 5 percent to 6 percent, a 20 percent increase.  The report included $3.2 billion in tax increases, and increased the two-year budget by 11 percent “to $49.3 billion from $44.3 billion.” [HB 95, 6/20/03;; Ohio House Journal, 6/19/03, p1024-1025]


  • “The 11 percent increase in Ohio’s two-year budget -- to $49.3 billion from $44.3 billion -- was one of the largest in the nation. The $3.2 billion in tax increases was the largest in state history,” the Columbus Dispatch reported. [Columbus Dispatch, 11/23/03]


Jim Renacci is running a campaign commercial in the 16th District claiming “he knows how to create jobs. He knows how to balance a budget.” [Renacci for Congress via, accessed 4/02/10]


In October 2005, Renacci was accused of not paying in full some former workers at his MedFinancial Solutions company in Columbus. The amount owed to the individuals and at least one temporary employment agency was in the thousands of dollars. 


  • Renacci “refused to pay everyone involved and continues to ignore calls and complaints,” said Shane Black, whose time sheets from MedFinancial Solutions indicated he was owed nearly $1,500.


  • Three individuals filed their claims in Franklin County Municipal Court. One complained to the Better Business Bureau of Columbus, which revoked the company’s membership in the organization. [Columbus Dispatch, 10/22/05]


As a result of the allegations against MedFinancial Solutions, the Better Business Bureau of Columbus revoked the company’s membership. 


  • Joan Coughlin, a spokeswoman for the Better Business Bureau, said MedFinancial’s membership was revoked based on a pattern of complaints about failing to meet its financial obligations and for failing to cooperate with the bureau’s efforts to eliminate the problems. [Columbus Dispatch, 10/22/05]