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Mar 11, 2009

Jim on the Job? Really?

This evening career Albany politician Jim Tedisco will continue his photo-op "Jim on the Job" tour of New York's 20th congressional district, an ironically titled campaign stunt considering Tedisco is refusing to do his taxpayer funded job in Albany. 


Less than three weeks ago the Albany Times Union reported that in addition to seven Tedisco staff members taking leave in the midst of a state budget crisis to work on Tedisco's campaign, Tedisco has been absent from the Assembly and missing votes [Albany Times Union, 2/21/09]. Tedisco most recently missed a vote on the Rockefeller drug laws that the State Assembly considered on March 5th [PolitickerNY, 3/5/09].


Adding to the irony is the fact that the "Jim on the Job" tour takes place after WRGB CBS 6 in Albany discredited the heart of Tedisco's "record" on job creation, specifically pointing out he "didn't really have anything to do with" creating the 3,000 jobs he frequently tries to tout as part of his record.  Similarly, the "Jim on the Job" stunt also commences over three weeks after Congress passed President Obama's economic recovery legislation; the plan will create or save 76,000 jobs Upstate but to date Tedisco has offered five responses to a single "yes" or "no" question about how he would've voted on the bill. 


"Tedisco's campaign stunts aren't doing a thing to get our economy back on track.  With a looming New York budget crisis and skyrocketing unemployment, the career Albany politician would better serve Upstaters by actually doing the job he's being paid to do instead of hosting gimmicky photo-ops," said Shripal Shah, Northeast Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 


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