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Jan 23, 2014

Jay Leno Preview: Headlines Boehner Doesn’t Want to See

The whole country will have a chance to laugh at the Republican Congress when Speaker John Boehner appears on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening.  But what would Leno’s headlines look like if he was pulling the best examples of this Republican Congress?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is releasing this new video – “Headlines Speaker Boehner Doesn’t Want To See” -  highlighting the comical (but actually kind of scary) headlines generated by this Republican Congress. 

“Speaker Boehner’s Republican Congress has spent the last year providing the country with headlines that make us laugh and cry.  Laugh because they’re unbelievable, and cry because they’re true. ” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “House Republicans absurd record and actions will actually make you laugh, until you realize that they are running the country and trying to run the middle class into the ground.”

Headlines Speaker Boehner Doesn’t Want To See

See the video here: