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Jun 07, 2006

Primary results in IA: Voters Ready for Change in Open Seat

DCCC Press

Jun 7, 2006

Primary results in IA: Voters Ready for Change in Open Seat

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From: DCCC Communications
Re: Primary results in IA: Voters Ready for Change in Open Seat
Date: June 7, 2006

DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel Statement on IA-01:

Emanuel: With Voters Looking for Change, Iowans Choose Independent Voice in Bruce Braley

(Washington, D.C.) – Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Rahm Emanuel today released the following statement on Iowa’s primary elections.

“Iowa voters chose Bruce Braley to lead them in Washington because he is an independent voice for change,” said Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Mike Whalen will be little more than a rubber stamp for President Bush and the Republican Congress. With the news yesterday that Republicans in Congress want to bring back their destructive plan to privatize Social Security, it has never been more important that we change the priorities in Washington. By voting for Bruce Braley, Iowans will get a chance to make a change in Washington and choose new priorities that favor families instead of the special interests.”

Iowa Primary Results and What They Mean:


5 Reasons Democrats Are Poised to Win in Top Target Iowa Open Seat:

1) IA-01 has a higher Democratic performance than any other open seat currently held by a Republican in the country with 55.4%. Bill Clinton won the district twice and Al Gore and John Kerry followed by both winning with a seven-point margin. While national Republicans have already been forced to shell out $5 million to defend a seat in California that is scarlet red, Democrats like Bruce Braley are focusing on laying out an agenda for changing the direction of Washington.

2) A record number of Democrats turned out to vote across the state. With 98% of precincts reporting more than 146,073 voters turned out statewide, exceeding the mark set in 1998 Democratic primary by more than 32,000 votes.

3) Democratic Nominee Bruce Braley won the primary with the strong backing of organized labor and the confident support of primary voters because he focused on the issues that Iowa families care about. Iowa Republicans spent the last six month beating one another up, while the Democrats talked about the issues that actually matter to Iowa families like healthcare, the economy and the direction of the War in Iraq.

4) Iowa has the highest percentage of seniors in the nation and Mike Whalen’s support for Social Security privatization and the Bush agenda is out of touch with the needs of Iowa seniors. This week, Rep. Jim McCrery the frontrunner in the race to chair the House Ways and Means Committee announced that Social Security privatization tops his agenda. The state of Iowa has one of the highest percentages of elderly in the nation. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 84,599 people 65 years and over in IA-01. In IA-01, people who are 65 years and over compromise 14.5% of the total population – as compared to the U.S. average, which is 12.4%. [U.S. Census Bureau,;, 6/5/06]

5) Iowa Republicans nominated a rubber stamp in training when they selected Mike Whalen. Not only does Whalen support privatizing Social Security, but he has also been a supporter of the misguided War in Iraq and opposed to a specific timetable for troop withdrawal.

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