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Jul 11, 2013

Instead of Compromising, House Republicans Ram Through Radical Farm Bill

After failing to pass a bipartisan farm bill, House Republicans didn’t respond by trying to compromise and find a solution – instead, they veered even further to the right to satisfy their Tea Party base.

“Instead of compromising, today Tea Party Republicans passed a radical farm bill that would increase the number of starving children and seniors in America,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “House Republicans are spending their time on bills that have no chance of becoming law, playing political games instead of working on solutions – and all because they’re clearly controlled by a group of extremists whose agenda is out of touch with the country’s values and priorities.”

Every major agricultural group in the country also opposed the bill because the House Republicans’ extremism dooms its prospects for becoming law.


More Than 530 Farming Groups Oppose Removing SNAP From the Farm Bill. “But on July 2, a coalition of 532 farm groups—almost the entire rural establishment from farm groups to conservationists to bankers—sent Boehner a letter urging him to bring up the farm bill again as soon as possible and not to split it into two. […] ‘We believe that splitting the nutrition title from the rest of the bill could result in neither farm nor nutrition programs passing, and urge you to move a unified farm bill forward,’ the coalition added.” [National Journal, 7/07/13]