Campaign 2010

Nov 01, 2013

In Florida’s 13th Congressional District, Republicans Stumbling Right Out Of The Gate

There’s one word that describes the unforced errors and mistakes that Republicans are making right out of the gate in Florida’s 13th congressional district: failure. Here’s a recap:

Finally, here’s the bad press coverage of the Republican’s desperate, misleading attacks:  

  • AP reported Gary Fineout tweeted in response to Florida GOP attacks against Sink: “Fla. civics lesson for @FloridaGOP: It’s the governor and the Republican-controlled Legislature that decided to borrow money.” [@Fineout, 10/30/13]
  • Tampa Tribune: “The Actual Spending is Decided on by the Legislature” [Tampa Tribune, 10/30/13]
  • PolitFact: Claims About $5.2 Billion Debt Increase “Not Accurate” [PolitiFact, 1/09/13]
  • Associated Press: GOP Blaming Sink for Pension Fund Losses “Deceptive” [Associated Press, 9/21/10]

“With no front runner candidate, a brand tarnished by their irresponsible and reckless shutdown, and false attacks being debunked in the press, Republicans are struggling right out of the gate in Florida’s 13th congressional district,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “There’s one word that describes the last 24 hours for Republicans in this pivotal race: failure.”