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Apr 04, 2013

Illinois 10 Voters Already Rejected Congressman Bob Dold

To:  Interested Parties

From: DCCC

Date: April 4, 2013

Re:   Illinois 10 Voters Already Rejected Congressman Bob Dold

Ex-Congressman Robert Dold is considering a run for the seat he lost in 2012, according to the Cook Report. But should Congressman Dold decide to run again in 2014, he will face the same questions as in 2012 over his ties to a Tea Party Congress, and voters will ultimately come to the same conclusion—that the last thing they need is another extreme Republican in the Tea Party Congress obstructing the President’s agenda.

Voters sent a clear message to Congressman Dold in 2012—that he and his Republican Congress were too extreme for the moderate 10th district. Fortunately for the people of the 10th district, they had a choice. Representative Brad Schneider stands up for the middle class, for seniors, and is a breath of fresh air for the 10th district after two years of Dold.

In case Dold has forgotten, we wanted to give him a refresher on why Illinois’s voters fired him last fall:

  • Dold voted to end the Medicare guarantee, which would force seniors to pay $6,400 more each year for health care out-of-pocket and to negotiate on their own with insurance companies. Meanwhile, Dold was protecting tax breaks for oil companies. [H Con Res 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11]
  • Out of Touch: Dold Opposed Marriage Equality. In 2010, Dold said “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.” [Chicago Herald, 10/26/10]
  • Dold Even Opposed Employee Non-Discrimination Act, Unlike his Republican Predecessor, Dold filled out a questionnaire from the Illinois Family Institute indicating that he opposed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2009 (ENDA), which “gives homosexual and transsexual individuals protected class status in the workplace,” according to the Institute. [Illinois Family Institute Voter Guide for Illinois Primary Election, accessed 3/10/10; HR 2981, introduced 6/19/09]
  • Dold earned Low Marks from the League of Conservation Voters: In 2011, the League gave Dold a 34% percent.  [League of Conservation Voters, accessed 4/12/12]
  • Dold voted to allow insurance companies to discriminate on the basis of pre-existing conditions, make it legal for insurance companies to charge women higher premiums for the same policy, and kick young people of their parent's health care plan. [HR 2, Vote #14, 1/19/11]
  • Dold voted to allow members of Congress to purchase first class airfare and lease private jets, but when asked to cut his own office budget, Dold said no. He also voted to let members of Congress like himself keep their taxpayer funded healthcare coverage after they leave office—we guess he had a hunch voters would be sending him home soon. [H Con Res 112, Vote #150, 3/29/12, Section 412 of Van Hollen Amendment #6, House Report 112-423; HR 5882, Vote #376, 6/08/12; HR 2, Vote #14, 1/19/11, Roll Call, 7/09/12]

We’re not sure why ex-Congressman Dold would want to bring up these extreme and embarrassing votes again. With a history like that, it’s no wonder the people of the 10th district sent him packing.

Should Congressman Dold decide to try to get his old job back, he will face the same questions again, and voters will ultimately come to the same conclusion—that Congressman Bob Dold is a Medicare-slashing, health care-denying, ideologically extreme, perk-seeking politician not interested in solving real problems for the 10th district.