Campaign 2010

Jun 04, 2010

Hypocrisy Watch: Cory Gardner

Over the past months, Cory Gardner's helped demonstrate hypocrisy to voters all across Colorado.  Whether it was touting his agricultural bona fides while cutting ag funding or championing tougher DUI enforcement measures after previously opposing and dismissing such steps, Gardner's been a textbook case study in how to talk out of both sides of one's mouth.

But what Gardner said today takes the cake.

"Cory Gardner’s complaints about outside groups 'nationalizing' the race couldn’t be more hypocritical," said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary.  "After all, time after time Gardner skipped his day job to fundraise in Washington, D.C., touted his status as a chosen national Republican candidate and has received multiple campaign contributions from national Republican leaders.  Given his record, Gardner’s complaints today are nothing more than inane double talk."


  • On KFKA radio, Gardner complained that outside groups were trying to 'nationalize' the Congressional race in the 4th District. [Colorado Independent, 6/4/10]