Campaign 2010

Apr 12, 2010

Hypocrisy Watch: Charles Djou

Last week, Charles Djou hypocritically decried the “outside intrusion” of “Mainland” groups into the Hawaii special election.  Hypocritical, of course, because Djou has traveled to Washington, D.C., multiple times to meet with national Republican leaders and fundraisers - including NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions, hosted the RNC’s winter meeting in his city council district and benefitted from a fundraiser held by  embattled RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

And now, this morning, news of additional “Mainland intrusion” into the election, this time in the form of an endorsement and contribution for Djou from previous (and likely future) presidential candidate Mitt Romney - hot on the heels of a recent endorsement by Minnesota Gov., and likely presidential candidate, Tim Pawlenty.


Djou says if he’s asked a straight question, he’ll give a straight answer.  So the question for Djou is this: “You’ve condemned the involvement of outside groups in this election, so when will you reject Mitt Romney’s endorsement and return his campaign contribution?”




  • Mitt Romney is endorsing Charles Djou and contributing $2,500 to Djou’s campaign through his Free and Strong America PAC. [Washington Post, 4/12/10]


  • According to the Associated Press, Honolulu Councilman Charles Djou calls the DCCC television ad an “outside intrusion.” [Associated Press, 4/8/10]


  • In a Honolulu Advertiser story, Djou called the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee a “Mainland Democrat group.” [Honolulu Advertiser, 4/8/10]


  • Djou was in Washington, D.C., in March 2010, July 2009, and February 2009. [Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 3/11/10; KGMB-TV Honolulu, 7/27/09; Politico, 2/25/09]


  • Djou met with NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions. [, accessed 4/9/10]


  • Republican National Committee members held their winter meeting at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki. [Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1/28/10]


  • Michael Steele held a fundraiser for Djou in Honolulu. [Honolulu Advertiser, 1/28/10]


  • In a Hawaii Public Radio-hosted candidate debate, Charles Djou said, “I believe certainly if I’m fortunate enough to be elected to the United States Congress I cannot promise you that I will agree with you on every single one of your positions, but what I can promise you is that if you ask me a straight question, you ask me what my position is on a particular matter, I will give you a straight answer.” [Hawaii Public Radio 1st Congressional Candidates Debate, 3/15/10]