Campaign 2010

Aug 05, 2009

Hypocrisy Watch: Bono Mack Applauds Stimulus Funding for I-10 Projects After Voting Against Funding

Hypocritically, Congresswoman Bono Mack lauded the announcement of nearly $40 million for two long-awaited improvement projects to I-10, even though she voted against the improvements.


"After voting against the economic recovery package in Washington, now Congresswoman Bono Mack is back in the Coachella Valley singing its praises," said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "That kind of hypocrisy from Bono Mack is no surprise given the reputation she's earned for doing one thing on the East Coast and saying the opposite on the West."


In fact, in a particularly striking example of hypocrisy, despite twice opposing the economic recovery package, Bono Mack noted in a press release on her web site that "...through infrastructure improvements like these that we can ensure more immediate and necessary recovery of our local -- and national economy."





  • Earlier this year, Representative Mary Bono Mack voted no on the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act. [H.R. 1, Vote #46, 1/28/09 and Vote #70, 2/13/09]


  • According to a press release on her web site, Bono Mack called the projects "critical," "important investment[s] in our community," and "overdue improvements." [Bono Mack press release, 8/4/09]