Campaign 2010

May 12, 2010

Hypocrisy Alert: Steve Pearce Expresses Faux Concern for Southern NM Families

Now that Steve Pearce is adopting the rhetoric of someone who is actually concerned about families in southern New Mexico, it’s time for a serious reality check.

In his time in Washington, Steve Pearce cheerfully backed the George W. Bush economic policies that paved the road for the mess we’re in today and increased the federal debt by $4.3 trillion.  Then, with the economy in the tank, Pearce even opposed efforts to cut taxes – which reduced the average New Mexican’s tax burden this year by over $1,000!

Pearce supported the George W. Bush plan to privatize Social Security and subject seniors’ benefits to greedy Wall Street traders and the whims of the stock market.

And, to top it off, Pearce actually called for a new, massive federal sales tax hike on food, clothing and nearly all the other staples southern New Mexico families buy every day. In fact, under the Pearce plan, 80 percent of New Mexico families would see their annual tax burden grow by $3,700.

“Steve Pearce’s desperate attempts to paint himself as someone looking out for southern New Mexico simply fall flat when compared to the record he compiled during his years in Washington, D.C.,” said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Steve Pearce policies like helping create the economic mess we’re digging out of, supporting a drastic tax hike, opposing middle class tax cuts and gambling with seniors’ retirement money wouldn’t make things better for southern New Mexico working families – it’d make them worse.”


  • According to a report from Citizens for Tax Justice, 99 percent of working families and individuals in New Mexico benefitted from at least one of the tax cuts signed into law in the economic recovery package.  Additionally, working people in New Mexico received $1,012, on average, from these breaks. [Citizens for Tax Justice report, accessed 4/14/10]
  • On his web site, Pearce argued that the economic recovery act “failed.” [, accessed 4/14/10]
  • In the 108th, 109th and 110th Congresses, the entire time Pearce served in Congress, he co-sponsored HR25, the “Fair Tax,” which would enact a 23 percent sales tax on all retail goods and services. [THOMAS bill summaries, HR25; American for Fair Taxation,, accessed 7/30/08]
  • While Pearce was in office, the public debt grew $4.3 trillion, from $6.3 to $10.6 trillion. [, accessed 2/03/10]
  • The Cibola Beacon reported that Pearce still “sees a sales tax as the only truly fair tax and he would like to see tax reform in Washington.” [Cibola Beacon, 2/01/10]
  • According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the bottom 80 percent of New Mexico taxpayers would see their average tax burden increase by $3,700 if the Fair Tax was implemented. [Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, accessed 5/12/10]