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Apr 01, 2009

Hypocrisy Alert: Representative McCarthy Says One Thing in DC, Something Different in Bakersfield



In a striking example of hypocrisy, Representative Kevin McCarthy voted against the landmark American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act and then yesterday applauded the federal funding coming to Bakersfield as a result of the bill.


"Representative McCarthy's vote against the economic recovery act in Washington and his subsequent effort to take credit for the benefits his district will see from it is the ultimate in hypocrisy," said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "As a junior leader of the ‘Party of No,' McCarthy voted against legislation that is already cutting taxes for middle class Californians but now is crowing about the benefits it'll bring to his constituents."


On February 13, McCarthy slammed the economic recovery bill in a press release, calling it the "wrong solution" and claiming its focus is "...creating more spending for Washington programs."


But now, a month and a half later, McCarthy's singing a different tune.


It seems that the proposed Bakersfield Federal courthouse, right in McCarthy's backyard, will receive stimulus funds, meaning the construction project can go forward.


Did Representative McCarthy condemn the "wasteful" spending headed to Bakersfield?  Nope.


"I applaud this funding for the Bakersfield Federal courthouse," McCarthy said.


This two-faced behavior from Representative McCarthy is just too much to take.