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Oct 02, 2013

How’s It Playing In Peoria? Editorials across country denounce #GOPShutdown

Editorials across the country are slamming House Speaker John Boehner and his House Republicans for reckless bending to the Tea Party and irresponsibly shutting down government for the first time in 17 years – all so they can give insurance companies free rein over Americans’ health care.

Take a look at the headlines for yourself.

  • Do Job, Keep It Simple [PJ Journal Star, 10/2/13]
  • A wrecking ball inside Capitol dome [The Virginian-Pilot, 10/2/13]
  • Republicans, in thrall to the tea party, are ignoring their duty to the nation [The Buffalo News, 10/2/13]
  • Federal deadlock hurts only innocent bystanders [Portland Press Herald, 10/2/13]
  • This is Boehner’s shutdown [Concord Monitor, 10/2/13]
  • The GOP's shutdown sham [LA Times, 10/1/13]
  • John Boehner’s Shutdown [NY Times, 10,1/13]
  • Unreasonable tea party demands drag nation into turmoil [The Kansas City Star, 10/1/13]
  • Put down the tea pot, Republicans, and back away [Arizona Republic, 10/1/13]
  • Time for GOP independence during shutdown [Seattle Times, 10/1/13]
  • House Republicans are failing Americans in their effort to kill Obamacare [The Washington Post, 10/1/13]
  • The House GOP's clueless shutdown crusade [Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 10/1/13]
  • Grown-up Republicans need to step up to stop shutdown [Newark Star-Ledger, 10/1/13]
  • The Shutdown Party: Our view [USA Today, 10/1/13]
  • Government shutdown a lousy response to flawed health law [The Oregonian, 10/1/13]
  • Obstinacy getting GOP, nation nowhere [Democrat and Chronicle, 10/1/13]
  • Boehner deserves blame for the government shutdown [Raleigh News and Observer, 10/1/13]
  • House GOP owns the consequences of reckless government shutdown [Sacramento Bee, 10/1/13]
  • Tea party extremists shut down government over Obamacare [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/1/13]
  • Shutdown is a battle the GOP can't win [The Denver Post, 10/1/13]
  • The stunning negligence of the House GOP [New Hampshire Register, 10/1/13]
  • Republicans' Shutdown Strategy Not Winning Any Fans [Hartford Courant, 10/1/13]
  • Federal workers deserve better than Congress’s disregard [The Washington Post, 9/30/13]
  • Not another temper tantrum [Miami Herald, 9/30/13]
  • Senate was right to vote down Republicans' blackmail effort [Des Moines Register, 9/30/13]
  • Extortion: Sordid GOP travesty [Charleston Gazette, 9/30/13]
  • The GOP’s opportunities — Whole country may pay the price for Republicans’ brinkmanship [Anniston Star, 9/30/13]
  • GOP on suicide mission with shutdown ultimatum [Daily Times, 9/30/13]
  • Government shutdown nothing but madness: Blame lies with Republican fringe [The Salt Lake Tribune, 9/30/13]
  • Shutdown puts GOP at risk [Addison Independent, 9/30/13]
  • Democracy shuts down [Times Union, 9/30/13]