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Jul 23, 2009

How Quickly they Forget:  Republicans on the Need to Offer a Counter Proposal

In the wake of today's stunning admission by Republican Congressman Roy Blunt, the man charged by Minority Leader Boehner with coming up with the Republicans' alternative health care plan, that the Republicans have no alternative plan, it's instructive to see what they used to think about the need to offer counter proposals when they were in the majority.


Republicans Then:  


Senator John McCain: "But I also would point out that to have no alternative, no plan of their own, smacks of demagoguery." [Fox News, 3/2/05]


Representative Eric Cantor: Mr. Cantor said Democrats "do not have real alternatives" to major pieces of legislation. The proposals Democrats suggest, he said, "are obviously not enough." [Washington Times, 4/21/05]


Representative Mike Pence: "The ridicule has taken a variety of forms including denouncing the President's motives and intentions ...Beyond that slur, there has just been, to date, simply silence. No ideas. No counterproposals." [Pence Release, 5/17/05]


The Republican National Committee: "Not only have the Democrats failed to offer any ideas of their own to address the critical issue, they chose to immediately attack the President's plan. Americans will prefer the President's positive vision over Washington parlor games and reject the Democrats' cynical strategy of obstruction." [White House Bulletin, 4/29/05]


Republicans Now:


Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) said, "Our bill is never going to get to the floor, so why confuse the focus? We clearly have principles; we could have language, but why start diverting attention from this really bad piece of work they've got to whatever we're offering right now?" [The Hill, 7/23/09]



How quickly they forget.