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Jun 10, 2009

How Quickly They Forget: In Their Own Words, Republicans on the Urgent Need for the Supplemental

As Congress prepares to finalize the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2009 [H.R. 2346], it's instructive to look at how some House Republicans expressed their overwhelming support for previous supplemental bills.



Minority Leader John Boehner (OH-08):


In 2008, Boehner said that "a signable supplemental emergency spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan with additional items" should be passed quickly because "our troops need the resources." [Boehner Press Conference, 6/12/08]



Representative Roy Blunt (MO-07):


In 2008, Blunt praised the negotiated supplemental war spending bill but said that a delay in its passage due to partisan disputes meant soldiers were "waiting too long" for "the support, resources and benefits they need."   According to Blunt's Press Release:  "What we accomplished is a bill that ensures that our Armed Forces receive the support, resources and benefits they need, deserve and frankly have been waiting far too long for." [Blunt Press Release, 6/19/08]



Representative Tom Cole (OK-04):


In 2006, Representative Tom Cole argued that how Members of Congress voted on the war supplemental showed their "willingness to support our service men and women."   According to Cole's floor statement: "I would ask Members to remember this is a vote about our willingness to support our service men and women and not about other policy issues." [Cole Floor Remarks, 6/12/06]


Then, in 2008, Representative Cole argued that it was "immoral" to oppose a war supplemental.  According to Cole's floor remarks: "The immoral thing to do would be to commit 170,000 people to combat and not resupply them and not reequip them and not give them the things they need on a daily basis to not only be successful, but to provide for their own safety and security ... And not to support the rule, and certainly not to support the supplemental appropriations, I believe, would be a grave and terrible mistake for this country." [Cole Floor Remarks, 5/5/05]