Campaign 2010

May 07, 2014

House Republicans’ Rough Day

House Republicans are striking out left and right today. Between callously fundraising off a national tragedy and watching their arguments against the Affordable Care Act fall flat, House Republicans probably wish they could have this day back.

  • The Hill: GOP struggles to land punches at ObamaCare insurance hearing  
  • National Journal: Another Obamacare Attack Goes Bust
  • TPM: Insurers Plan To Debunk GOP’s ‘Rigged’ Obamacare Study In Front Of Congress
  • Wall Street Journal: NRCC Ties Benghazi Investigation to Fundraising Email
  • TPM: Gowdy Urges GOPers Not To Fundraise Off Benghazi, But NRCC Already Has
  • Huffington Post: Trey Gowdy Says People Shouldn't Fundraise Off Benghazi, NRCC Apparently Disagrees
  • The Hill: Gowdy urges parties not to raise money on Benghazi as NRCC launches site
  • Politico: NRCC fundraising off of Benghazi
  • Roll Call: Why This Year’s Primaries Won’t End GOP Civil War