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Mar 18, 2014

House Republicans Double Down on Health Care “Replacement” Charade

It’s Tuesday, so House Republicans must be floating another so-called health care “replacement” plan that will inevitably go nowhere, in another lame attempt to distract from their all-repeal-all-the-time agenda that would give insurance companies free rein over Americans’ health care.

Today, the New York Times reported that House Republicans are “struggling to find consensus,” and so are planning town hall meetings to “test ideas.” We have already seen what Republicans’ ideas are on health care – the last time they released one of these trial balloons, the headlines spoke for themselves:

  • “How the GOP’s Obamacare alternative is designed to fail” [Los Angeles Times, 2/03/14]
  • “The Proposed Republican Replacement for ObamaCare Is A Big Tax Hike” [Forbes, 1/28/14]
  • “Senate GOP Replacement For Obamacare Would Allow Insurers To Discriminate Against Women” [Huffington Post, 1/28/14]
  • “Republicans Unveil their Obamacare Replacement: The plan is for people to pay for more of their health care” [National Journal, 1/27/13]

“We have seen this movie before, so even though House Republicans say they really, truly have a replacement health care plan, we know how it ends: no details, no legislation, no agenda but repeal – all so they can go back to the days when insurance companies had free rein,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “After 50 votes for repeal, the American people aren’t buying Republicans’ sham ‘plan.’ If House Republicans truly have a plan to lower costs, expand coverage, end discrimination against women and those with preexisting conditions, and protect Medicare, they should have offered it five years ago – and we’re not holding our breath now.”