Campaign 2010

Nov 05, 2012

House Democrats Poised to Roll Back the Tea Party Wave

House Democrats have had record success throughout the election cycle. On every measure within the DCCC’s control, Democrats have been on offense: we outraised the NRCC by more than $16 million despite being in the minority, we recruited a wide field of over 50 Red-to-Blue candidates, we stayed competitive on the air despite being outspent, and we mobilized an historic ground game, especially in “orphan” states.

Take a look at the numbers for yourself.

Fundraising:  We have outraised the NRCC by $16.2 million ($151.9 million to $135.7 million), despite being in the minority. The DCCC has built record support from individual and grassroots supporters and dominated the NRCC on candidate fundraising.

  • Best fundraising quarter ever in the third quarter of 2012: raised $35.1 million and outraising the NRCC by about $4 million.
  • Over 1 million grassroots low-dollar contributors.
  • Eclipsed over $100 million in grassroots contributions.
  • Average grassroots gift was $35 with 90% of donations of $50 or less.
  • Not only has the DCCC outpaced the NRCC in online and grassroots contributions, the DCCC small-dollar fundraising in September ($7.9M) approached what the Romney campaign did ($9.4M)
  • This cycle, Leader Pelosi has completed 692 fundraising and campaign events, which have raised $85.1 million for House Democrats.

Recruitment: With an emphasis on recruiting candidates who are problem-solvers and fit the profiles of their districts, the DCCC had a strong recruiting class that was our most diverse ever. The Hotline described this recruiting class as the strongest since 2006.

  • 55 Red to Blue and 16 Majority Makers
  • 8 African Americans
  • 10 Hispanic Americans
  • 9 Asian Americans
  • 25 women

Mobilization: On the air and on the ground we have been aggressively communicating with voters in battleground districts and holding Tea Party Republican accountable. Through our TV ads we have exposed Republicans’ for their extreme agenda particularly on Medicare, shipping jobs overseas and women’s health care. And with state of the art field programs, we are going door to door and house to house to turn out voters in our targeted districts.

On the Airwaves

  • The DCCC’s Independent Expenditure invested over $56.8 million in 49 districts.
  • The IE produced about 150 TV ads and 8 radio spots.
  • Raised nearly $8 million directly for candidates this cycle to compete with SuperPAC spending by using lowest unit rates for television.

On the Ground

  • We have 326 staging locations open for GOTV.
  • We have over 910 field staff members in 63 districts across 26 states.
  • Overall our field staff and volunteers have knocked over 3 million doors and called more than 15 million voters.
    • California: 2.94 million phone calls made and over 687,700 doors knocked.
    • Illinois: 1.3 million phone calls made and over 359,000 doors knocked.
    • New York: More than 2.35 million phone calls and nearly 434,000 doors.
  • On the first day of GOTV our field staff and volunteers knocked on over 575,000 doors and made nearly 940,000 calls.

On the Internet

  • Expanded our presence on social media and now have 1.1 million Facebook fans and 86,000 Twitter followers.