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Nov 18, 2005

Republican Congress: Failure

DCCC Press

Nov 18, 2005

Republican Congress: Failure

Democrats Stay United to Defeat Labor, HHS Spending Bill as House GOP Fails

WASHINGTON – Today, following recent electoral defeats around the country and legislative defeats in Congress, House Republican Leaders failed again in their attempts to push an unpopular status quo agenda. By losing today’s vote, Republican Leadership was dealt another stunning blow in their effort to advance legislation that puts special interests ahead of middle class families.

"Last week, voters rejected the Republican status quo agenda and today even members of their own party jumped ship realizing that the American people will not stand for a Congress indifferent to the challenges middle class families face," said DCCC Communications Director Bill Burton. "Americans are sick and tired of Republicans who rubberstamp special interest policies at the expense of middle class families. Today's vote is an indication that their party is in disarray and their special interest agenda is in tatters."

Recent Republican Failures

Labor, HHS, Education Spending Bill DEFEATED On 209-224 Vote

The bill that funds the Education, Labor and Health & Human Services Departments is the most recent evidence that working and middle class Americans are paying the price for the Republican policies that gave billions in giveaways to the special interests.

Major Cuts in the Bill Include:

  • $784 million cut from education initiatives
  • $125 million (50%) cut from community college funding
  • $31 million cuts to adult job training programs – funding for the program is now the lowest in a decade
  • The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is frozen at last year's level, even though families in some communities are expected to pay 46 percent more for natural gas and 28 percent more for home heating oil this winter.


    GOP leaders pulled their $50 billion budget cut proposal from the floor last week after days of back-room negotiations failed to yield the 218 votes needed to pass the measure. Facing a united Democratic opposition, Republicans could only afford to lose 15 of their own members in order to pass the bill. Although Republican leaders earlier had expressed confidence that they had made enough changes to bring their moderates on board and pass the bill, they clearly miscalculated. Steps taken to appease the moderates angered other Republicans, and not all moderates were won over in any case. GOP leaders said they would try again this week, although it is not clear how they would have any more success now.

    Culture of Corruption and Cronyism Dominates Republican Congress. Former leader, Tom DeLay has been indicted twice and booked on criminal charges of money laundering and violations of election laws. Additionally, House Administration Chairman Bob Ney has recently been subpoenaed for his connections to the scandal swirling around Jack Abramoff, the indicted, arrested, out-on-bail super-lobbyist.

    Democrats Win Decisive Victories in Virginia, New Jersey and California. Last week, Democratic candidates for governor in Virginia and New Jersey won their respective campaigns in a political environment that is rejecting the status quo policies of the Bush administration. In California, voters rejected every single one of Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's propositions. In the current political climate, not only has President Bush’s record-low poll numbers had an effect on candidates nationwide, but Republican candidates are straying from the White House in local races.