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Mar 05, 2007

Heather Wilson Watch - Day 5

DCCC Press

Mar 5, 2007

Heather Wilson Watch – Day 5

“Heather Wilson campaigned on fighting public corruption, but now that questions arise about her actions she is silent on whether she tried to use her own power to intimidate a federal prosecutor,” said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Heather Wilson’s silence is deafening – if she didn’t do anything wrong, why won’t she say so?”

Background: As the House of Representatives prepares for its hearings into the firing of U.S. Attorneys, Senator Peter Domenici (R-NM) admitted he was one of the two New Mexico lawmakers to contact U.S. Attorney David Iglesias regarding an ongoing federal investigation taking place in New Mexico. Heather Wilson (R-NM-1) has been implicated in the scandal, but has refused to comment.

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