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May 08, 2014

Growing Republican Chorus Calling on NRCC to Stop Fundraising Off Benghazi

Even as Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor have refused to condemn the NRCC’s offensive fundraising off the Benghazi tragedy, a growing number of Republicans have joined the chorus denouncing their actions:

Sen. Ted Cruz:  “Catherine Frazier, a spokeswoman for Cruz, said that his office ‘did not authorize the Senator's name to be used in this case are asking the group to stop using it for this purpose.’” [Huffington Post, 5/08/14]

Rep. Trey Gowdy: “Even in a culture of hyper-partisanship, [there are] certain things that ought to be above politics, like the murder of our four fellow Americans…” [Huffington Post, 5/07/14]

Rep. Jeb Hensarling:  “NRCC letter campaigning on Benghazi ‘is not appropriate.’” [@IngrahamAngle, 5/08/14]

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele: “I think Congressman Gowdy is absolutely correct…There should not be this opportunistic fundraising gorging that tends to happen around these types of things.” [MSNBC, 5/07/14]

Former RNC Chairman Haley Barbour:  “When I was chairman of the RNC, we wouldn’t have done that.” [@IngrahamAngle, 5/08/14]

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough: “They have undermined the credibility of this committee.. And they need to clean it up and promise they’re not going to do it again. Over four dead Americans, an American ambassador, over $25 donations to the NRCC. Give me a break. It’s disgusting.” [MSNBC, 5/08/14]