Campaign 2010

Dec 09, 2010

GOP Stands for ‘GET OUR PORK’: House Republicans Consider Breaking Promise to End Earmarks

Before even being sworn into office, news reports are that House Republicans are considering breaking their promise to end earmarks and are considering a series of exemptions for their favorite pet pork projects. This comes one day after House Republicans elected “The Prince of Pork” Hal Rogers to be the new Appropriations Chairman.

According to Citizens Against Government Waste, the last time Republicans controlled Congress was a pork fest –in 1994, there were 1,318 earmarks totaling $7.8 billion but by Republicans’ last year of control in 2005, the number had grown to 13,997 earmarks totaling $27.3 billion.

“Voters are quickly learning what GOP really stands for: ‘Get Our Pork’. It didn’t take long for House Republicans to break promises and try to spend taxpayer money on their pet projects regardless of what they said to get elected,” said Ryan Rudominer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The GOP Appropriations Chairman is the ‘Prince of Pork’ and now Republicans want to create huge loopholes in the earmark ban so they can have their government funded pet projects.  The Get Our Pork (GOP) party said anything to get elected and is now trying to do everything to get out of keeping their word.”


  • GOP gets queasy over earmark. “So some Republicans are discussing exemptions to the earmark ban…” [POLITICO, 12/9/10]
  • Learn more about Hal “Prince of Pork” Rogers by clicking here.
  • “According to Citizens Against Government Waste, in 1994, the year before the GOP took control, there were just 1,318 earmarks totaling $7.8 billion. By 2005, the last year of Republican rule, the number had grown to 13,997 earmarks totaling $27.3 billion. It was a Republican Congress that gave us the "Bridge to Nowhere" and the Duke Cunningham "bribes for earmarks" scandal -- symbols of profligacy and corruption that led taxpayers to throw Republicans out in 2006. [Washington Post, 3/23/10]
  • 'Prince of Pork' to Approps chair (POLITICO).  Rep. Hal Rogers may have sworn off earmarks as he lobbied his way into the powerful House Appropriations Committee chairmanship, but there’s a reason he’s earned the nickname “Prince of Pork.”  Over the past two years, Rogers has requested $175,613,300 in earmarks, including funding for a cheetah protection nonprofit that his daughter works for. [POLITICO, 12/9/10]