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Jun 04, 2013

Gone Washington: Rep. Southerland Appears With Congressman Paul Ryan Tonight

Congressman Southerland said he’d change Washington, but all he’s done is gone Washington – and now Congressman Southerland is flaunting his beltway-status by inviting Congressman Paul Ryan to speak with his constituents tonight.

Appearing with a leader of the broken, dysfunctional Congress is just the latest sign that Congressman Southerland has lost touch with north Florida’s values: Congressman Southerland voted in lockstep with Congressman Ryan to pass the Southerland-Ryan Budget which turns Medicare into a voucher system and cuts billions in agriculture funding while preserving tax breaks for millionaires like Congressman Southerland.  The Tampa Bay Times wrote that under the Southerland-Ryan Budget therich get richer” and “Medicare and Medicaid are particurally at risk.”

“Congressman Southerland said he’d change Washington, but all Congressman Southerland’s done is gone Washington,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Southerland has become part of the same broken politics that he promised to change – and when Congressman Southerland says one thing in Florida but does the exact opposite in Washington, Florida families just can’t trust Congressman Southerland.”

Congressman Southerland’s invitation is available upon request.


Congressman Southerland Voted for Budget That “Would Shred the Safety Net,” Forcing Seniors to Rely on Insurance Companies.  In 2013, Southerland voted for the House Republican budget. The Palm Beach Post wrote, “Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is more a preacher than a policymaker. He’s not convincing as either […] Rep. Ryan’s stated goal of saving the safety net and protecting the most vulnerable is perverse because his budget would shred the safety net and imposes new suffering on the most vulnerable. For health care, he would relegate the poor who receive Medicaid to the tender mercies of state legislatures…and the elderly on Medicare to the charitable impulses of insurance companies.” [HCR 25, Vote #88, 3/21/13; Palm Beach Post, 3/14/13]

Last Year, Congressman Southerland Voted for a Budget Helping the “Rich Get Richer.” In 2012, Southerland voted for the House Republic budget. The Tampa Bay Times wrote, “House Republicans envision a country where Americans would be increasingly on their own to afford food and medical care even when they are elderly, disabled or poor […] Floridians should be concerned about all these misplaced priorities, but Medicare and Medicaid are particularly at risk. House Republicans would end the help seniors receive toward closing the prescription drug doughnut hole. Their plan would eventually raise Medicare’s eligibility age from 65 to 67. It would transform the safety net into a premium-support voucher program that provides government subsidies to private insurers, though beneficiaries could keep the current fee-for-service option. [...] Congressional Republicans want to exacerbate the nation’s yawning income inequality while making life harder for those at the bottom. It just goes to show how much elections matter.” [HCR 112, Vote #151, 3/29/12; Tampa Bay Times, 3/31/12]