Campaign 2010

Nov 20, 2013

Gary Lambert Already Putting Special Interests Ahead of New Hampshire

Congressional Candidate Gary Lambert made it clear yesterday that Washington, D.C. right-wing special interests are his top priority and that New Hampshire is a distant second.  Lambert stood up his own supporters yesterday and skipped an event that the Windham Republican Committee was hosting for him.  Instead he chose to collect campaign cash in Washington, D.C.

The chair was forced to cancel the New Hampshire meeting and inform the committee that Lambert “is in DC on a fundraising trip so he will not be in Windham as planned.”  The jilted New Hampshire Republican chair told the Union Leader that Lambert's choice to skip the meeting and collect cash in DC was “a bit frustrating.”

“Gary Lambert is already proving that the right-wing special interests in Washington are the only things that matter to him,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “If Gary Lambert can't even make time for his own campaign supporters, how does he expect New Hampshire voters to trust that he won't stand them up, too?  Lambert is so busy getting cozy with right-wing special interests that he's already skipping out on his obligations in New Hampshire.”


Lambert Skipped Meeting in Windham to Fundraise with Special Interests in Washington, D.C. “Republicans in Garcia's neighboring town of Windham are expressing some frustration with Lambert's cancellation of a scheduled appearance at their meeting tonight. Windham Republican Committee vice chairman David Bates emailed fellow committee members today that Lambert ‘is in DC on a fundraising trip so he will not be in Windham as planned’ […] He said that as a result, tonight's committee meeting was cancelled.” [Union Leader, 11/19/13]

  • Windham Republican Committee Vice Chairman David Bates on Lambert’s Cancellation: “It is a Bit Frustrating.”  [Union Leader, 11/19/13]