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Jul 29, 2014

From Bad to Worse: Gary Kiehne (R-TX) Ready for his Terrible Month to be Over

Things went from bad to worse last week for Tea Party congressional candidate Gary Kiehne in AZ-01. After  another underwhelming fundraising report showed Kiehne had to dump $150,000 of his own and his family’s money into his failing campaign, a report from Arizona Capitol Times’ Yellow Sheet highlighted how Kiehne’s campaign is being primarily funded by individuals representing Texas oil and gas – and that he’d go to Washington to look out for their interests, not Arizona’s.

This came right on the heels of an explosive Arizona Republic report that laid out Kiehne’s blatant hypocrisy on federal subsidies. Gary Kiehne has staked his campaign on his business experience, claiming he’d bring solutions and results to Washington, but these latest revelations reveal nothing but a self-serving agenda that would further add to Washington’s dysfunction. 

“Things have gone from bad to worse for Gary Kiehne as voters learn more about his real record,” said Tyrone Gayle of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “As Gary Kiehne’s hypocrisy and self-serving agenda continue to unfold, it is clear that Arizonans cannot trust him to put their needs ahead of his own in Congress.”


Over 55 Percent of Kiehne’s Campaign Contributions came from Texans. “Since entering the race in September, Kiehne has raised $274,000 from individuals, with more than 55 percent of those contributions coming from Texans – mostly self-identified as working in the oil, gas or ranching industries. Less than 20 percent of his individual contributions have come from Arizonans. New Mexicans – most of whom self-identified as being in the oil gas or ranching industries – made up roughly 12 percent of Kiehne’s individual contributions.” [Arizona Republic’s Yellow Sheet Report;, accessed 7/29/14]

Kiehne: Texas Oil Interests “will be Darn Sure they have a Voice in Washington when We get There.” “I’ve got an office in Midland, TX… We’re actively involved in exactly what’s going on in Roswell and southeastern New Mexico. I’m in the oil and gas business and the cattle business. Our ranch lays just south of Otero County in Texas, Hudspeth County, Texas. We’re in that area, we’ll be a representative of that area and all the interests of the people from that area will be darn sure they have a voice in Washington when we get in there.”  [Kiehne interview, KEDU, 12:30, 4/21/14]

Headline: Republican wants tax money for his businesses, not others’ [Arizona Republic, 7/19/14]

Called Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) “One Smart Cookie” who he Expected to “Get with” in the House. During a January 2014 debate, Kiehne explained that he had spent time with Ted Cruz at a fundraiser in Texas, and that Cruz was “one smart cookie.” KIEHNE: I’ll tell you what. A month ago, Gilly (sp?) and I were at a Ted Cruz fundraiser at Midland, Texas. And we got to speak with him for about twenty minutes… I’m a tell you what, he is one smart cookie. And we talked about how to pay our national debt… He all excited, he said, “You know what, I’m already working with Senator Lee, and we’d love to have you in the House because you understand the issue. We want to get with you.” Cold, hard facts there folks. You gotta send me down there before I can get with him for very much time. We not only have to have people in the Senate that have guts enough to do what’s right and stand by their principle, we have to have them in the House of Representatives. Thank you. [Safford Debate CD1, 47:51, uploaded 1/12/14]

House Republicans Credit Ted Cruz for Government Shutdown.  “House Republicans give one person the most credit for bringing Congress to its current standoff over funding for the federal government: Ted Cruz […] Many lawmakers said they never would have been here had it not been for the junior Senator from Texas.” [Huffington Post,  9/29/13]