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Aug 07, 2008

Fore!!  Grand Oil Party’s Hypocrisy on Gas Prices Exposed

The Washington Post reported this morning that Minority Leader John Boehner has spent the first week of the congressional recess doing a series of golf outings while a small band of House Republicans remain in Washington to call for "drill only" legislation that does nothing to bring immediate relief to Americans paying high gas prices.


Big Oil tax breaks and subsidies supported by Republicans ... $14 Billion


Political contributions made to Republicans by Big Oil this cycle ... $13.5 Million


Profit earned by the top five Big Oil Companies last quarter  ... $44 Billion


Cost of John Boehner's green fees while a small band of House Republicans' express faux outrage about gas prices * ... $240 


The Grand Oil Party's hypocrisy about the cost of gas ... Priceless




"Minority Leader Boehner's golf outings this week expose the Grand Oil Party's continued hypocrisy on gas prices," said Jennifer Crider, DCCC Communications Director.  "Despite a small band of House Republicans' theatrical ‘outrage' about gas prices this week, House Republicans don't get mulligans - or do overs - when it comes to their pro-Big Oil record." 


"Republicans are protecting $14 billion worth of tax breaks and subsidies for Big Oil companies earning billions of dollars in profits while middle class Americans struggle to fill up the family minivan.  While Republicans whiff on high gas prices, Democrats will continue to fight for commonsense, bipartisan solutions to lower gas prices."









The Grand Oil Party's Score on Lowering Gas Prices


Democratic Solution to Lower Gas Prices

House Republican Response

President Bush's Response



Use It or Lose It - requiring oil companies to drill on the 68 million acres of land they already lease




Status Quo


Ending tax breaks for Big Oil companies




Status Quo


Expediting leases for drilling and federal pipeline development in Alaska's Energy Reserve




Status Quo


Cracking down on gas price gouging




Status Quo


Releasing gas from the government stockpile





Status Quo





*          Minority Leader Boehner's green fee totals excludes the initiation fee and dues for use of the private Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio and the Wetherington Golf and Country Club in West Chester, Ohio.



  • Average cost of a gallon of gas is $3.85 [].  For those keeping score, John Boehner's green fees would have purchased more than 62 gallons of gas. 


  • Nearly 75 percent of all Big Oil campaign contributions - $13.5 million - have gone to Republicans this cycle. [Center for Responsive Politics]