Campaign 2010

Aug 08, 2008

FORE!!  Boehner’s Trying to Get Out of Bunker & Back to the Beltway



After a long, hard week on the elite country club golf courses back home, we wanted to welcome Minority Leader John Boehner back to town to join the small band of his Grand Oil Party colleagues who stayed in Washington to put in some extra hours on behalf of Big Oil.   


"Minority Leader Boehner's golf outings this week expose the Grand Oil Party's continued hypocrisy on gas prices," said Jennifer Crider, DCCC Communications Director.  "Republicans are protecting $14 billion worth of tax breaks and subsidies for Big Oil companies earning billions of dollars in profits while John Boehner is playing golf with lobbyists at elite country clubs.  Under Republicans' so-called energy plan hardworking Americans can barely afford to fill the gas tank of a golf cart, forget the tank of the family minivan."


 According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Minority Leader Boehner has taken $185,000 from Big Oil.


 There simply aren't enough mulligans in Washington for the Grand Oil Party to get out of their Big Oil bunker.