Campaign 2010

Feb 19, 2014

For Primary Debate Today: 10 Questions for AZ-01 Republican Candidates‎

As the Republican candidates for Arizona’s First Congressional District prepare for their latest primary debate today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has compiled a list of 10 questions that voters deserve to have answered in the race-to-the-right contest.

“Voters want answers from these candidates about why they would dismantle Social Security and Medicare, why they would put special interests before hardworking families, why they would limit women’s healthcare and why they would prevent bipartisan immigration reform,” said Tyrone Gayle of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “If these candidates are honest, voters are going to hear a lot about protecting special interests at the Tea Party at the expense of seniors and the middle class.”

Question #1: As the largest recipient of lobbyist contributions in the Arizona State Legislature, ‎how will Andy Tobin fight for those same lobbyists again in Congress?

Question #2: In the aftermath of the Fiesta Bowl Scandal, why was no action taken to reform rules about lobbyist gifts at the Arizona State Legislature?

Question #3: Should lawmakers be able to circumvent the will of the voters — as Andy Tobin has continually tried to do with Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission — to benefit their own political goals?

Question #4: According to a new poll, Arizonans strongly favor fully funding national parks and preserving them for future generations. Do you support removing these lands from federal protection?

Question #5: Andy Tobin and Adam Kwasman have pushed to repeal Arizona’s Medicaid expansion – how would you address the medical needs for the 300,000 people now eligible for coverage, who aren't getting care in emergency rooms and raising costs for all of us‎?

Question #6: Arizona has been the epicenter of “dark money” groups since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. What is your stance on these organizations being able to hide their donors through ethically questionable practices?

Question #7: Considering the inability of the Republican House Caucus to offer commonsense solutions for important issues such as immigration reform, would you support John Boehner to remain Speaker of the House?

Question #8: Why did ‎Andy Tobin introduce a bill giving $100,000 in taxpayer money to fund lawyers for legislators in defense of Arizona’s anti-immigration law, but proposed a budget that would strip $9 million from child support services and reduce K-12 funding by $19.4 million?

Question #9: In 2008, Andy Tobin said he’d likely resign from the Legislature if he ran for Congress – do you still stand by that pledge?*

Question #10: If you support less government overall, shouldn’t the government stay out of private medical decisions between a woman and her doctor?

*[Arizona Capital Times, 1/11/08]