Campaign 2010

May 06, 2010

For Pledging to Dismantle Social Security And Medicare, Sean Duffy Receives Praise From The Right-Wi

For Pledging to Dismantle Social Security And Medicare, Sean Duffy Receives Praise From The Right-Wing

As a reward for wanting to dismantle the Social Security safety net and Medicare under the thin veil of privatization, Republican Sean Duffy has received praise and support from ultra right wingers who share this out of step position.  Former Governor Sarah Palin, Minnesota Governor and possible 2010 GOP Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty and the House Conservative Fund – a group that only supports candidates who endorse their agenda including privatizing Social Security – have all showered Duffy with praise for his complete disregard for Wisconsin Seniors.

"Sean Duffy proved himself clearly out of step with Wisconsin values when he chose to support dismantling both Social Security and Medicare as we know it in order to align himself with ultra conservative ideologues like Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, and the House Conservatives Fund," said Gabby Adler, Midwestern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Wisconsinites deserve better than Sean Duffy and his risky scheme to rob seniors of the dignified retirements they’ve worked for all their lives."


Sean Duffy was the first GOP House challenger endorsed by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin [The Hill, 2/17/10; Wausau Daily Herald, 3/10/10]

Sarah Palin declared her support for privatizing Medicare and turning the program into a voucher system that will replace the traditional Medicare with subsidies to help retirees enroll in private health care plans [The Wall Street Journal, 9/8/09]

Sean Duffy was endorsed by Minnesota Governor and possible 2010 GOP Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty who is an avid supporter of privatizing Social Security [CQ-Roll Call, 5/3/10]

Neil Cavuto asked Pawlenty in August 2008, “Is it your view, when it comes to Social Security, Governor, that we should raise the retirement age eventually?” Pawlenty responded, “No, that’s not my view. I think we move towards, in my view, individual accounts for those who are interested or capable or able to manage and have those kinds of accounts and give people the option to have that type of system, to choose to if they’d like.” [Your World with Neil Cavuto, FOX News, 8/7/08]

In August 2004, Chris Matthews asked Pawlenty, “Would you give – would you give people the freedom to decide whether to kick into Social Security and whether to have a program of any kind? Would you force them to have something?” Pawlenty responded, “I think people for the common good should contribute something.” Matthews asked, “Would you trust people to look out for their own retirement?” Pawlenty responded, “Yes, within guidelines, if the government was set so they don’t get ripped off.” [Hardball, MSNBC, 8/31/04]

Sean Duffy was endorsed by the House Conservative Fund. In order to receive their endorsement and receive their contribution, Duffy had to sign on to support their agenda. [House Conservative Fund Press Release, 3/15/10]

In order to be considered for a contribution from the House Conservatives Fund, candidates must fill out a questionnaire and support values consistent with those espoused by the conservative Republican Study Committee. [CQ-Roll Call, 3/10/10]

The Republican Study Committee supports the privatization of Social Security and has been praised by right-wing political groups for their pro-privatization stance. [Freedom Works Release, 3/1/06]

The Republican Study Committee favors an approach similar to Rep. Paul Ryan’s controversial plan to privatize Medicare by replacing it with private vouchers. [New York Observer, 2/6/10]