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Jun 03, 2011

Flip Flop Alert: Representative David McKinley Votes to End Medicare, After He Opposed It

Today, Representative David McKinley (WV-01) voted to support the controversial Republican plan to end Medicare while protecting taxpayer giveaways for Big Oil despite previously opposing it because “out-of-pocket costs for seniors could double.” In a procedural move, McKinley voted to accept the  House Republicans’ controversial budget which includes the Republican plan to end Medicare.  McKinley has accepted thousands in campaign contributions from House Republican leaders and Big Oil Companies already this year.

“Representative David McKinley couldn’t stick to his guns for much more than a month before he flip flopped and backed the Republican leadership’s plan to end Medicare while protecting taxpayer giveaways for Big Oil companies,” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “David McKinley admitted the Republican plan to end Medicare would double health care costs for seniors but today he voted to make it happen. Today’s flip flop by David McKinley probably puts a smile on the face of Republican leadership and Big Oil companies, but it leaves middle class West Virginia families to foot the bill.”

Two other Republicans who opposed the Medicare plan last month also opposed this procedural move today as well.


Voted to deem the Republican Budget as having been passed by Congress. Representative David McKinley voted to end Medicare by supporting a “deeming resolution” in H. Res. 287 which states “the provisions of House Concurrent Resolution 34 […] shall have force and effect […] in the House as though Congress has adopted such concurrent resolution”. [H. Res. 287, Vote #382, 6/1/11]

McKinley Initially Opposed Republican Budget. “McKinley said Ryan's plan made him "uncomfortable" because people that would be enrolling in Medicare just over a decade from now might not realize the costs they would face as they retire. […] “The Congressional Budget Office determined that some of the out-of-pocket costs could double for seniors and that sent up a red flag for me that we need to look at it," he said.” [Daily Mail, 4/18/11]

McKinley voted to protect billions of dollars in taxpayer giveaways for Big Oil companies. McKinley voted to bypass consideration of the Big Oil Welfare Repeal Act of 2011 (H.R. 1689). H.R. 1689 would amend the Internal Revenue Code to prohibit major oil companies (the Big 5) from receiving a tax deduction for domestic oil and natural gas production activities. Previously McKinley voted against cutting taxpayer spending on subsidies for Big Oil companies making record profits. Republicans opposed a Motion to Recommit that would ensure no “tax benefit” could go to a “major integrated oil company.” [H Res 245, Vote #293, 5/5/11; The Hill, 5/4/11; CBS News, 5/4/11; HJRes 44, Vote #153, 3/1/11]

House Republican Leaders and Big Oils Companies Have Poured $13,000 To McKinley. This year, McKinley received $5,000 from John Boehner’s Leadership PAC and $8,000 from Exxon Mobil.  In 2009-2010, McKinley received $79,500 from Leadership PACs.  [McKinley for Congress April Quarterly Report, 4/15/11;, accessed 6/1/11]