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Sep 05, 2013

Flip Flop Alert: Michael Grimm Admits You Can’t Trust What He Says

Seventy-two hours ago, Congressman Michael Grimm was making a passionate demand to support President Obama in a strike against Syria. Congressman Grimm said the strike had to happen because America’s national security, our credibility and our ability to deter Iranian attack was on the line.

Now, Congressman Grimm has announced he will oppose action in Syria. He struggled to explain his flip-flop in a CNN interview earlier this afternoon.

“Once again, Congressman Michael Grimm has reminded voters that you can’t trust anything he says – especially on these most critical issues” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Seventy-two hours ago, it was critically important to our national security that he support President Obama and now he’s just another flip flopper who voters can’t believe or trust. Congressman Michael Grimm has given new meaning to the idea that he would have voted for it before he voted against it.”


Grimm: “I am Supporting the President on this […] He is going to have to Strike.” “‘I am supporting the president on this,’ Grimm (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn) told the Advance Saturday. ‘He is going to have to strike. He should use our superior air power, our naval power. These should be targeted strikes to disable their air force and where they hold their chemical weapons. The strikes should be at hard targets, like their airfields.’” [Staten Island Advance, 8/31/13]

  • Headline: Staten Island’s Grimm: President should Order Air Strike on Syria Now [Staten Island Advance, 8/31/13]

Grimm: “We can’t Permit a Precedent where there is a use of Chemical Weapons and there is no Response.” “We have to keep our word; this is about our credibility. We can’t permit a precedent where there is a use of chemical weapons and there is no response,” Grimm said of Syria. [Staten Island Advance, 8/31/13]

Grimm Changed Position on Syria, No Longer Supports use of Force in Syria. “Grimm -- who on Saturday called on Obama to order an immediate ‘limited, targeted strike’ to disable the Middle East nation’s air force and take out their alleged chemical weapons supplies -- now believes the opportunity for such action has passed.” [Staten Island Advance, 9/5/13]

  • Headline: Staten Island’s Rep. Grimm withdraws support of Obama plan to attack Syria [Staten Island Advance, 9/5/13]