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Jan 17, 2014

FLASHBACK: NRCC vs. NRCC Chairman on Republican Budget

Republican operatives at the National Republican Congressional Committee admitted that their support of the Republican (Ryan) budget comes with such high political costs that they shouldn’t even offer it – but their own Chairman says it would be irresponsible to not pass a budget.

JANUARY 2014: “A senior House GOP leadership aide confirmed there is a push coming from ‘political types’ for House Republicans not to get engaged with a budget this year for fiscal 2015. […] The staffer identified some of those instigating such talk as people at the National Republican Campaign Committee.” [National Journal, 1/16/14]

JANUARY 2013:  NRCC Chairman Greg Walden: “In our part of Oregon, families sit down around the kitchen table and figure out how to balance their budget. It’s time for Washington, D.C. to do the same. If hardworking taxpayers don’t do their jobs, they don’t get paid. Congress needs to live by the same rules- no budget, no pay […] The federal government must write a responsible budget to get our fiscal house in order.” [, 1/23/13