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Jul 30, 2014

Flashback: Mike Bost is No Friend of Medicare

On the 49th Anniversary of Medicare being signed into law, it’s clear from Springfield Insider Mike Bost’s support for the Ryan Budget that if he had his way, seniors would pay more for their Medicare, all so he can give tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy and special interests.


“Springfield insider Mike Bost is headed in exactly the wrong direction by supporting a budget that would raise Medicare costs on Illinois families while giving tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “It should be no surprise that Mike Bost would support a reckless budget in Washington that raises Medicare costs on Illinois seniors when he has voted for wasteful budgets in Springfield that borrowed millions and underfunded the pension system, damaging the economy.”




In June 2014, the Bost for Congress campaign released a piece of literature hitting Congressman Bill Enyart for his opposition to H Con Res 96, Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget. [Vote #177, 4/10/14]


The Details on Bost’s Ryan Budget:


Economic Policy Institute: Budget Could Cost 3 Million Jobs.  “On net, I estimate that the House budget resolution would decrease GDP by 0.9 percent and decrease nonfarm payrolls by 1.1 million jobs in fiscal year 2015, relative to CBO’s current-law baseline. The following fiscal year, when Ryan’s cuts to discretionary spending kick in, ‘The Path to Prosperity’ would decrease GDP by 2.5 percent and cost 3.0 million jobs. And if the recovery remains sluggish, large job losses could continue under the Ryan budget in 2017 and beyond.” [Economic Policy Institute, 4/01/14]


Associated Press: “The Proposal Would Reprise a Voucher-Like Medicare Program.” “The proposal would reprise a voucher-like Medicare program for future retirees that would be the basis for GOP claims that the measure would drive down government debt over the long term.” [Associated Press, 4/01/14]


Budget Would Lower Taxes for the Wealthy While Raising Taxes on the Middle Class by $2,000. “The budget lowers the top tax rate to 25 percent for the wealthiest taxpayers, down from the current 39.6 percent, while raising taxes on middle-class families with children by an average of $2,000.” [New York Times Editorial, 4/01/14


Budget Would Cut Pell Grants by More than $125 Billion While Reducing Pell Grant Eligibility. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reported: “Ryan proposes to cut Pell Grants by more than $125 billion over the next decade.  He would freeze the maximum grant for ten years, even as college tuition costs continue to rise.” Politico reported: “The budget requires the president and Congress to submit a plan to ensure the viability of the Social Security Trust Fund and to reduce the number of students eligible for Pell Grants.” [CBPP, 4/01/14; Politico, 4/01/14]


Budget Would Repeal the Affordable Care Act, Reopening the Prescription Drug Donut Hole and Costing Seniors $1,200.  In 2014 The Hill reported: “Rep. Paul Ryan’s final House budget includes a full repeal of ObamaCare.” In 2013 The Hill reported: “7.3 million people who reached the ‘doughnut hole’ in their Medicare prescription drug coverage have saved $8.9 billion on their prescription drugs since the law was enacted in 2010. That’s an average savings of $1,209 per person.”  [The Hill, 4/01/14, 11/26/13]