Campaign 2010

Nov 05, 2013

FLASHBACK 2009: What Republicans Said Their Victory Meant for 2010

What does the Republican defeat in Virginia tonight mean to the future of the Republican party and their prospects in the 2014 midterm elections?

Just ask House Republicans themselves. When the minority party in the House won the off-year Governor’s race in Virginia in 2009, Republican leaders said:

  • It was a “warning shot” to the losing party;
  • They were now “very excited about what this win tonight will mean for our prospects of November ’10;”
  • This was “just a glimpse” of the “political rebellion” going on in America;
  • Because of this win, it meant a “very good year” in 2010;
  • This election “should send shivers down the spines” of the House Members from the losing party;
  • It’s “an illustration of the political toxicity” of the agenda of the losing party.

Unfortunately for House Republicans, there’s no daylight between their agenda and Ken Cuccinelli’s losing agenda. And their 2013 loss is a sign of what’s to come.


Cantor: Virginia “Is Reflective of Where the Nation is and That’s Why We Are Very Excited About What This Win… Will Mean for our Prospects of November ’10.” Appearing on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Eric Cantor said: “I think what it really says is this is a warning shot to the Democrats […] This is a warning shot to the moderate Democrats to say hey, wait a minute, maybe we ought to try another way. Maybe there is a better way […] You know, our state is one that is a center right state. I think it is reflective of where the nation is and that‘s why we are very excited about what this win tonight will mean for our prospects of November of ‘10.” [MSNBC, 11/03/09]

Cantor: 2009 GOP Election Wins Showed Voters “Rejected Out of Hand” Policies of Democrats. “I think that the victories last night here and in New Jersey indicate that when Republicans stand united we can win, whether it's in a northern state or a southern state, and we can appeal to the independent voters […] What's important to take out of these elections is that voters in both states were very concerned about the direction of the economy and rejected out of hand the economic policies being pursued by the White House and Speaker Pelosi.” [New York Times, 11/04/09]

Boehner: GOP’s 2009 Victories Signaled “A Very Good Year” for House Republicans. “Boehner, R-Ohio, said the wave of anger at President Obama and Democrats in Congress is only growing as 2010 approaches. ‘There’s a political rebellion going on in America, and what we saw last night was just a glimpse of it,’ Boehner said. Asked if that means Republicans will win back the House, he responded: ‘I think we’re looking for a very good year.’” [ABC News, 11/04/09]

NRCC Press Release: 2009 Republican Gubernatorial Win in Virginia “Should Send Shivers Down the Spines” of House Democrats. “Tuesday night’s gubernatorial election results should send shivers down the spines of four Virginia House Democrats in GOP crosshairs next year.” [NRCC Press Release, 11/04/09]

Former NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions: 2009 Republican Gubernatorial Victories Showed Voters Were Abandoning Democrats “at a Rapid Pace.” “Republican victories this week in gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey rekindled GOP hopes that the party had stemmed the Democratic tide that President Barack Obama rode into the White House a year ago […] Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas, the National Republican Congressional Committee chairman, said the results show independent voters are dissatisfied with Democrats and moving away from them ‘at a rapid pace.’” [San Antonio Express-News, 11/06/09]

Former NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions: 2009 Democratic Candidate Attacked Washington Democrats “In an Illustration of the Political Toxicity” of the Democratic Agenda.“In an illustration of the political toxicity of the Obama-Pelosi agenda, Creigh Deeds was forced to attack his own party’s job-killing cap-and-trade bill in television ads broadcast in the districts of vulnerable Congressional Democrats who supported the measure.” [Houston Chronicle, 11/03/09]